About Me

Traveler. Foodie. Mom. Fitness Fanatic!

I’m Lindsey, The mother and wife behind Healthy Food Fit Family! We are a family of 4  with our 2 Lady Ridgebacks. Here at Healthy Food Fit Family we are in the business of staying healthy, having fun and teaching our children to do the same. fl

When it comes to my workouts I do everything from lifting and running to kayaking and swimming. If its fun and makes you sweat-I DO IT!

I follow a 90% Paleo lifestyle but LOVE that other 10% like my first born! I grew in a foodie family and have never tried a food I didnt like (I dont count cilantro as a food…its the devil!)

Ive spent all of my life in the Navy, first as a child and now as a wife! It is a huge part of my life and I cant stand to stay in one place for too long! This has given our family so many opportunities and experiences!

I hope you find our little site informative, helpful and inspiring! I love to share anything and everything food, family and fitness!

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