Balancing Work and Family

Do you ever feel like you can’t  juggle everything on your to do list? Are you looking for ways to find life balance?


Being a full time mom, wife and work full time can get overwhelming. As moms we never get to “clock out.” There are meals to be made and laundry to be washed, kids and appointments  and EVERYTHING else…then add a job into that. Even though I work from my home, I still struggle with priorities and finding the time to get everything done. Can we just vote to add another 2 hours in the day?

Back in March I started to feel like I wasn’t doing any one of my tasks to the best of my ability and it started to wear on me. I had spent the last 6 months creating ways to help stay at home moms reach their goals in health and fitness but I had started to forget my own goals! I needed better time management. During my mentorship with Amanda Tress, I learned how to prioritize and balance work and family, something I’m sure most working moms and stay at home moms struggle with. I knew I had to refocus and find new ways that worked for our busy schedules.

I want to share some tips of balancing work and family life:Meal Preparation. Plan healthy Meals

1. Plan for your week. Sundays are spent preparing for the week ahead.  My husband and I prepare our meals for the week and it saves so much time, its also nice to just hang out and enjoy each other while we cook. I also write down every appointment I have for the coming week; doctors, clients or personal appointments. I even write down when I plan on working out. I do this the old fashion way with a planner and pencil! Seeing it in front of me helps me to remember everything and I can easily change it when needed.

2. Set some social media limits. One of the HUGE tips Amanda taught me was one of the easiest ones. TURN OFF NOTIFICATIONS. You can do this in your settings/notifications area. By turning these off I no longer get distracted by messages and comments popping up on my phone through out the day (I still leave my email notifications on for business purposes). I check them in the morning with my tea, at nap time and again before bed. THAT’S IT!  Setting hours for yourself to get on social media have been such a great time saver. I no longer get lost on Pinterest or scrolling through my news feed. I also felt a relief of sorts when I turned off notifications. Isn’t that crazy!?

3. Turn everything off. Once you have turned off your phone notifications, focus on other things you can turn off to help you better manage your time. Is the TV on for background noise? Turn it off. The silence is relaxing while I work and my kids find ways to play without it, imagine that! (My electric bill went down too 🙂 )Another thing I “turn off” is my phone. I don’t actually shut it down but I turn it on Airplane mode while I sleep. Having your phone buzz or light up because you received a text or email can disrupt your sleep and distract you from going back to sleep once you notice it. Cheers to more restful nights and lower electric bills!

4. Plan to get fit. I mentioned it in tip 1 but I wanted to elaborate- you know I love talkingIf you plan to workout, you won’t do it. Then you’ll wake up the next day, and the next day…then you’ll eventually start next Monday…yea right. Put it on your calendar that you are going to do some sort of physical fitness during the day. I workout from 10-11 everyday-I write this down. Some days I have time to do it earlier, so I do. If I can’t, I still know that from 10-11, I am not working or making other plans. 

Balancing work and family

5. Make time for YOU. Aside from planning your workouts, a good tip for balancing work and family is to plan to do something for yourself once or twice a week. I kind of mix work and fun and sit in Starbucks, kid free from 4-7 on Friday nights. THIS is my “me time”. When Im working out, Im with a 2 year old. When Im shopping, again 2 year old. On Friday nights-Im ALONE. I check in with clients, plan out content and then when my blendicano and Justin’s peanut butter cups are gone,  bring home pizza and we watch movies. Awesome compromise and I still have my sanity.

6. Take days off. When I started to work from home I worked more than I planned on and my family time suffered because of this. I HAD to balance the time I was actually working and the time I was with my family so I took days off.It was hard at first to not respond to an email or check in with a client but I had to do it for my family. I now notify any clients I work with that Saturdays and Sundays are my days off. This allows us to unplug and get outside together! I still post a few photos to Instagram but other than that, its 100% family fun. The whole reason we work for ourselves is so we can set our own hours…so we might as well set them! 

I hope that these tips have been helpful. I use them on a weekly and daily basis and I have seen such a great improvement in balancing work and family time. Staying organized  and having better time management goes a long way!

How do YOU balance your life? Leave a comment below!

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