How to: Plan Healthy Meals

Do you know how to plan healthy meals? 

Each time I post about my actual meal planning or meal preparation, I’m asked exactly HOW I plan healthy meals. Its pretty basic and I don’t put too much time into it. I feel that if you focus too much on food or exercise you get burnt out. Making small, smart choices seems to work best!

So, lets get to planning those healthy meals your family and backside will thank you for! Here are some things to consider:

•What do you want to eat?

• Your list

•How much do you need?


•Who the heck is making all this food? (Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way 🙂 )

Meal Preparation. Plan healthy Meals

What kinds of healthy meals are you making? Depending on your eating style, you can google, Pinterest or use some recipes from Clean Eating 101 for your meals. I usually stick with meats, vegetables and a starch or two. Not much to it, just  EASY, HEALTHY RECIPES = stress free, quick meals. You can do simple dinners Monday-Friday then do a big, more complex meal once or twice a week if you want. My goal is to keep it simple, we all know that it’s a task wrangling kids, making meals and staying sane!

Write your meals out then create your list based off these items and ones you currently have.

Be sure to include enough food for each person. 3 meals a day + 2 snacks (or how ever you decide to eat)

I keep breakfast simple: Eggs and/or Oats with fruit+ maple syrup. After making everyone breakfast and getting them out the door, I need quick and easy so I have a shake.

Lunch for the kids: Sandwich with veggies and crackers. Adults: Meat (Turkey/chicken) and a vegetable (I add a starch in for my husbands meals)

Dinners: This is about the same as lunch. Meats, veggies and a starch

Snacks: This is the fun part. There is a huge variety of healthy snacks ideas you can add to your meal plan.  Find a few snacks you and your kids love and portion them out ahead of time. My favorite healthy snack is raw almonds. I put portions into zip bags and they are ready to go for home and on the go. This is my list of healthy snack ideas.

This is a pretty basic list of ways to create a healthy meal plan. It is really based on your preference of food and nutritional needs. There are so many resources out there! Plan at time where you can sit down and write out a list of meals. Focus on each task and it’ll be done in no time! You also don’t have to recreate the wheel…use this list over and over if you would like! Just be sure to do what works for your family!

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