How to: Save Money on Groceries



Are you a penny pincher or do you blow your budget every time you go to the grocery store? Im kind of in the middle. I know what I’m going to the store for a might get a few extra items that pushes my total up a bit (trying to get better about this!) Saving money on your groceries is possible if you put a few tips into place.

Make meals around items you already have. Go through your kitchen and write
down the ingredients you have. Create meals and a grocery list based on these items plus ones you will purchase.
•Plan for leftovers. By making more than you need, you will cut down on cooking time the restSave Money On Groceries of the week. Each dinner makes enough for lunch the next day and you have it ready to take with you without any preparation!
•Buy Frozen/ in bulk. Frozen meats and vegetable are usually a better price, even when the vegetables are out of season. Next to  helping you save money, when you purchase frozen vegetables they come pre washed and cut so you will save time on preparing these vegetables.
•Shop what’s in season. Seasonal vegetables are kept in stock and can usually be found at great prices. Most stores have weekly “buy one get one free” deals, take advantage of these sales and freeze what you don’t need right away.
•Check Prices. Using the Sunday paper and weekly ads to find the best deals will help you prepare for you grocery trip. Checking with each of your local stores, you may find deals you would have missed by going to your regular store. It may take up a bit more time going to more than one store but if you find a deal on meats, its always worth it!
•Keep it simple. You don’t have to recreate the wheel. Stick with recipes you know your family will love and pick a new recipe to try once a week. This tip will keep meal planning stress free and you won’t be spending money on more spices and ingredients you may never use again.

These are just a few tips to helping you save money on groceries. If you would like to sign up for my next MEAL PREP BASICS group, fill out the form below!

I’d love to hear how YOU prepare for your shopping trips and save money. Leave a comment below!

I’d love to hear how YOU prepare for your shopping trips and save money. Leave a comment below!



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