When is the best time to workout?

A frequent question I hear from many women is “when is the best time to work out?”
Here’s my answer: Workout when YOU have time and when YOU can stick to it.
It’s important that you are honest with yourself and set yourself up for success. I’ve seen many people unintentionally sabotage themselves by picking a time of day that they were told is “the best” but it wasn’t the best for them. Work, kids, and life can all get in the way. Find a couple times throughout the day that will work for you and switch it up. Everyday won’t be the same so be flexible and willing to change your workout time.
When is the best time to work out? www.healthyfoodfitfamily.omc
As you are deciding what time is the most ideal for you, take into account a few different factors:
* The location of the workout
* The type of workout
*  With whom you are doing the workout
*  Your schedule for the day (you may have to schedule it a different times on different days
*  Your nature body rhythm
I have found that working out first thing in the morning works best for me. My lifestyle is a bit busy and if I don’t get it done then, life gets in the way and my workout gets shoved on the back burner.
The only time of day that might not be the greatest is at 8pm and later. Working out right before bed can mess up your sleep and hinder your body’s ability to repair itself. Because our bodies want to wind down at night before sleep, exercise prevents us from resting well by increasing our heart rate and body temperature.
So, don’t let experts dictate to you when you should or shouldn’t workout. Any workout is better than no workout, regardless of what time of day that it is. Workout when it’s most convenient for you and when you know you won’t get interrupted.
So the question should be, when can you workout?
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