Change lives and make a difference! Application for Consideration


Becoming your best and helping others!HAPPY 2015, I hope your year is starting off with a BANG!!

Along with my goals for the year I decided it was time to expand my reach and find some friends that love helping others and making a difference!

I mentioned last month that I had joined with team Inspire and today we are 100+ strong! These men and women are so inspiring, it makes me want to do more! We are on a mission to show how simple changes can have a huge impact in your life! Swapping in a few healthy changes throughout the day can really extend you life and show those around you that it can be done!

Several of us are trainers and many are just starting their journey and are really inspiring others to do the same. We market, grow and build a business that can help so many from the comfort of our homes. We do online challenges, free health groups and engage regularly on social media. Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.26.51 PM

A bit about me: Ive been approached by BeachBody coaches over the last couple years and each time I pushed them away and really had no desire to join. Most of these offers were spammy and pushy…I seriously despise this tactic. Then I saw one girl, a great friend of mine doing amazing things and saw the way she really changed the lives of the people she worked with. I moved across the world and was now sitting in a cold ass house feeling sorry for myself. I knew I wanted, and could be doing more. I just needed a bit of guidance and support. I got on the phone and talked it over with Amanda and was hooked. I KNEW it was a good fit…and for $40 what could I lose? $40 for daily marketing, business and healthy tips? SOLD.Becoming your best and helping others!

Team Inspire is all about helping and making a difference. It’s been a month and have learned more than I ever could have and am so thankful! I want to share this opportunity with everyone and Im excited to be adding a few more people to Team Inspire!

We are looking for others that would be a great fit for our team! Is this YOU?!! If you love health and fitness and would like to build a business helping others, fill out the form below! I really look forward to talking with you soon!

XO -Lindsey


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